Vessel Archive

HDML Vessel Archive

Details and photos collected over the years of the HDML vessels including their known crew, medals bestowed upon the crew, wartime activities and post war fate.

Search by vessel number

Enter the specific HDML vessel number (e.g. 1387) in the search box below or browse the links for the range of HDML numbers. You can also search for names etc.

The archive is the work of Brian Holmes, the cox’n of ML1387, and is the result of many years research by him. Sadly Brian passed away in July 2017. We miss him but  continue researching and publishing the story of the HDMLs.

We are always keen to add to the archive and welcome any documents (copies or original), photographs or recollections. All information will be added to the website.

Pictures in the archive that are credited to the Imperial War Museum are published with their permission. Prints can be obtained from the IWM at

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