Medusa Restoration 2006

January 2006

Medusa is hauled out of the water at Hythe. When she came in she was fully operational. The Medusa Trust have leased the yard for two years for the project. The rails on the slip are extended to get her as far up as possible.

February 2006

Volunteers at work stripping off deck fittings. The after gun has been removed and the ammunition lockers are coming off.

May 2006

Work starts on building a shed and workshop around her.

The tin shed takes shape.

Hard to believe that this was the bridge until a few weeks ago.

The volunteers get to work on removing the copper sheathing, even after 60 years it’s still very well attached.

June 2006

The chartroom comes off. HDML chartrooms are designed to come off in one piece to allow engine removal.

The first Gardner 8L3 comes out…

and fits neatly into a prepared bed. It will be rebuilt by the volunteers ready for refitting mid 2007.

Main deck removed to reveal deck beams and beam shelf in poor condition. The shipwright work is being done by a team of full time shipwrights and a team of trainees.

July 2006

Engine strip down under way.

Deck beams and beam shelf repaired using reclaimed team decking from Kenya Castle which was built in 1920 and scrapped in India.

August 2006

RAF1387 arrives on the slip beside Medusa ML1387… possibly a first.

October 2006

First layer of new main deck on. Medusa’s original main deck was double diagonal arch and started to leak from when she was only a few years old. She is being rebuilt to the US HDML spec which fared better.

Repairs to the bulkhead between the wardroom and tiller flat.

New substantial carling being fitted. Although built to drawing the original was not substantial leading to the super structure sagging between bulkheads.

November 2006

Repairs to the tiller flat complete and the last of the main deck fitted.

The shipwrights have been prefabricated components. Here is the new fore hatch made from more of the reclaimed teak. The picture does not do it justice, its a work of art

December 2006

Work starts on fabricating the coamings and sides to the ward room.

Finally work can start on the hull. Here is the port quarter stripped of planking. Some of the frames need replacing these are laminated from reclaimed teak.

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