HDML Roll of Honour

A database of HDML personnel who died in World War 2

Acknowledgement – nominal information is extracted from the website of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Killed in action on Sunday 1 June 1941 when M.L. 1011 was bombed and sunk during the Battle of Crete on passage from Suda Bay to Sphakia

  • Ordinary Seaman ARTHUR MALCOLM D/JX 191788 aged 21. Son of Edward and Martha Malcolm, of Coppenhall, Crewe, Cheshire.
  • His brother, George E. Malcolm, also died on service in HMS Vestal 7/12/44.

Died on Friday 26 September 1941, cause unknown, in M.L. 1065

  • Ordinary Seaman CORNELIS DOUGAN C/JX 259007 aged 26. Son of Cornelis and Margaret Dougan

Killed in action on 16 February 1942 when M.L. 1062 was sunk by Japanese surface craft gunfire in the Banka Strait

  • Lieutenant COLIN EDWARD MACMILLAN RNZNVR aged 42. Son of Robert John and Mabel Macmillan (nee Hart), of Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Leading Seaman WILLIAM EDWARD WELLS C/J 98299 DSM aged 38. Son of William Edward and Elizabeth Waterman Wells; husband of Ethel Amy Wells, of Romford, Essex
  • Stoker 1st Class WILLIAM ROWLAND D/KX 116122 aged 21. Son of Arthur and Elize Ella Rowland, of Miles Platting, Manchester

Died on Sunday 12 April 1942 in M.L. 1017 cause unknown

  • Able Seaman HENRY ROBINSON D/SSX 31908 aged 20.
    Son of William and Ellen Robinson, of Burscough Bridge, Lancashire. Buried in Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt

Died by drowning on Wednesday 15 April 1942 in M.L. 1009

  • Ordinary Seaman DONALD HITCHEN LT/JX 300662 aged 19. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hitchen, of Hall Green. Buried in Crigglestone Cemetery, Nr Wakefield Yorkshire

Killed in action on Saturday 20 June 1942 when M.L. 1039 was captured by Axis forces at Tobruk.

  • Lieutenant ROBERT MORTON RNVR aged 36. Son of the Revd. Robert H. A. Morton and of Ethel Morton (nee Tilley); husband of Phyllis Dorothea Morton (nee Kemp), of Truro, Cornwall. A.M.I. Gas E.
  • Petty Officer RONNIE WESTGATE D/J 109165 aged 36. Son of John William and Isabella Westgate, of Scarborough, Yorkshire
  • Motor Mechanic ROBERT LAURENCE WALL D/MX 67254 aged 21. Son of Robert Eastham Wall, and of Elizabeth Wall, of Blackpool, Lancashire
  • Leading Seaman Charles F Hewlett C/JX126974
  • Able Seaman EDWARD BATES C/SSX 29639 aged 20. Son of Thomas William and Cecilia Bates, of Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham
  • Able Seaman HARRY HOBSON C/SSX25740 aged 21. Son of Harry and Clara Hobson, of New Tupton, Derbyshire
  • Able Seaman HAROLD LAUNDER D/JX 176943 aged 25. Son of Robert Henry and Martha Launder, of Long Eaton, Derbyshire
  • Able Seaman STANLEY RITCHIE THOMPSON C/JX 195514 aged 27. Son of Stanley and Alice Thompson; husband of Clarice May Thompson, of Workington, Cumberland
  • Stoker 1st Class DENNIS BOWEN D/KX 97243 aged 24. Son of John and Annie Bowen, of Moseley, Birmingham

Killed in action on Saturday 20 June 1942 when M.L 1069 was badly damaged and abandoned during the evacuation of Tobruk

  • Midshipman DESMOND CYRIL GURNEY SIMPSON aged 18. Son of Cyril George Simpson and Mary Alice Margaret Simpson (nee Bond), of Winchelsea, Sussex
  • Able Seaman JAMES VINCENT LANG C/SSX 23874 aged 21. Son of George and Florence Brandis Lang, of Erith, Kent

Died 1/8/42 in an accident whilst serving in M.L. 1059


Died on Friday 23 October 1942, cause unknown, whilst serving in M.L. 1009

  • Leading Seaman WILLIAM CHARLES ARTHUR LT/JX222341 aged 33. Son of John James Nicholas Arthur and Eleanor Arthur; husband of Lottie Arthur, of Newquay. Buried in Newquay (St. Columb Minor) Cemetery
  • Seaman HENRY FRANCIS RILEY LT/JX241701. Son of Julia Riley, of Brighton. Buried in Brighton and Preston Cemetery

Died by drowning on 1 March 1943 whilst serving in M.L. 1023

  • Sto1 JOHN THOMPSON C/KX116398 died by drowning on 15 November 1942

Died on 01 March 1943, cause unknown, whilst serving in M.L. 1234

  • Leading Seaman JOHN VICTOR ROBINSON LT/JX 241460 aged 25. Son of George and Elizabeth Robinson, of South Shields, Co. Durham; husband of Isabella Robinson, of South Shields. Buried in Bone War Cemetery, Annaba

Killed on Friday 14 May 1943 when M.L. 1154 was mined off Bizerta

  • Sub-Lieutenant LESLIE ROBERT WARD RNZNVR aged 25. Son of Robert Ainsworth and Henrietta Barbara Ward, of Dunedin, Otago
  • Sub Lieutenant DONALD GRAHAM WATTS RNZNVR. Son of Henry and Annie Catherine Watts, of Hataitai, Wellington City, New Zealand
  • Engineman JOHN KENNEDY LT/KX 110659 aged 36. Son of John and Susan Kennedy; husband of Veronica Theresa Kennedy, of Paisley, Renfrewshire
  • Leading Seaman WILLIAM COSTELLO LT/JX 185969 aged 21. Son of William and Norah Costello; husband of Sarah Costello, of Harrietsham, Kent
  • Seaman CHARLES WILLIAM COX LT/JX 219617 aged 27. Son of Frederick and Elizabeth Cox; husband of Alice Cox, of Rotherhithe, London
  • Seaman ANDREW HASTIE DORES LT/JX 190083 aged 32. Son of Andrew Thomson Dores and Elizabeth Veitch Dores, of Dunbar, East Lothian; husband of Janet Dores, of Dunbar

Died on 11/07/1943 in M.L. 1174 cause unknown

  • Seaman SAMUEL H TOLLEY LT/JX240830

Died on 11/07/1943 in M.L. 1038 cause unknown

  • Sub-Lieutenant JAMES GUEST SISSONS RANVR aged 24. Son of Percy Merrit Sissons and Mary Sissons; husband of Zelma Hannah Sissons, of North Carlton, Victoria, Australia.

Died by drowning on Sunday 18 July 1943 in M.L. 1303

  • Seaman SAMUEL ERNEST LEGGETT LT/JX 167084 aged 24. Son of Harry Victor and Alice Maud Leggett, of Gorleston, Great Yarmouth
    Buried in Great Yarmouth (Gorleston) Cemetery

Died on Monday 16 August 1943, cause unknown, whilst serving in M.L. 1246

  • Leading Seaman NORMAN ANDERSON LT/JX205273 aged 23. Son of Arie and Jane Anderson; husband of Joan Anderson, of Penzance, Cornwall. Buried in Syracuse War Cemetery, Sicily

Died on Friday 10 December 1943 in M.L. 1254 cause unknown

  • Able Seaman GEORGE A. MILES P/JX 388307 aged 32. Son of George and Ellen Miles; husband of Edith May Miles, of Portsdown, Hampshire. Buried in Naples War Cemetery

Died on Tuesday 7 March 1944 in M.L. 1226 in action with German surface craft in the Aegean

  • Seaman STANLEY CECIL BARBER LT/X 20851A aged 30. Son of George and Kate Julia Barber, of North Shields, Northumberland; husband of Ina Barber
  • Seaman BARRY DOWNING DAVIES LT/JX 191696 aged 23. Son of David and Eva Elizabeth Davies, of Swansea.

Died on 23 April 1944 in ML 1109 cause unknown

  • Able Seaman THIPPA VANKATAJARAPATHY ANANTH RAHMAN 10119 aged 22. Son of Venkatachelupathy and Kupp Amal, of Woriur, Trichinopoly, India

Died on Monday 1 May 1944 when M.L. 1380 foundered in heavy weather after both engines were put out of action

  • Lieutenant DONALD CAMERON MACDONALD RNVR aged 29. Son of Angus and Mary Macdonald, of Glasgow; husband of Lorna Macdonald (nee Jackson), of Glasgow. M.A.
  • Sub-Lieutenant NORMAN CHARLES OLIVER HERBERT RNVR aged 20. Son of Charles Abbott Herbert and Sarah Herbert
  • Seaman ALBERT JOHN DRONFIELD LT/JX 382618 aged 21. Son of John and Ada Dronfield, of Eyam, Derbyshire
  • Seaman DENNIS WILLIAM GALLIOTT LT/JX 532218. Son of Frederick Percy and Rose Galliott, of Yeovil, Somerset
  • Stoker BERNARD ROBINSON LT/KX 139465
  • Telegraphist DONALD KNIGHT LT/JX 298247 aged 21. Son of William Walter and Evelyn Knight, of Coventry

Who died of illness on Friday 2 June 1944 in M.L. 1023

  • Lieutenant SIDNEY GERALD BLUNT RNVR Buried in Johannesburg (West Park) Cemetery

Died of wounds on Saturday 17 June 1944 in M.L. 1301 during Operation Brassard the invasion of Elba

  • FRANK LESLIE CARTER RN. Son of Frederick Gordon and Jessie Lilian Carter; husband of Kathleen May Carter, of Wood Green, Middlesex.
    Buried in Biguglia War Cemetery, Corsica

Died on 30 June 1944 in M.L. 1408 cause unknown

  • Ordinary Seaman DENNIS JOHN VICARY LT/JX535082 aged 19. Son of Harry and Evelyn Vicary, of Crediton.

Died on Sunday 6 August 1944 in M.L. 1060 in an ammunition explosion in the Poole Area

  • Seaman JOHN THOMAS ARMSTRONG LT/JX 185361 aged 27. Son of Robert T. Armstrong and Ida May Armstrong, of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea; husband of Anne Jane Armstrong, of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.  Buried in Newbiggin (St. Bartholomew) Churchyard
  • Seaman FRANK COVELL LT/JX 305514 aged 21. Son of Florence Maria Covell, of Clayton, Manchester. Buried in Poole (Parkstone) Cemetery
  • Ordinary Telegraphist DOUGLAS NICOLL C/JX 405278 aged 20. Son of Alfred George and Elizabeth Nicoll, of Aberdeen. Buried in Poole (Parkstone) Cemetery

Died on Saturday 7 October 1944 when M.L. 1118 was lost in Indian waters in an attack by friendly aircraft

  • Sub-Lieutenant S SEN RINVR
  • MtrEng1 D JOSHUA 77213 on loan from HDML 1120
  • Able Seaman A APPACHAN 8116
  • OrdSig R GOPAL KRISHAN 14176 on loan from HDML 1120

Died on Saturday 7 October 1944 when M.L. 1119 was lost in Indian waters in an attack by friendly aircraft

  • Sub-Lieutenant TIMOTHY H DONALD RINVR died of wounds
  • Leading Seaman YUSUF MUHAMMAD 4952
  • Able Seaman MAJID ABDUL 13702
  • Able Seaman R FERNANDES 19621 Age 25. Son of D. Martin Fernandes, of Kallikulam, Tinnevelly, India
  • OTel VED PRAKASH 9811 Age: 20. Son of Jagan Nath, of Galli Shiv Shayamal, Delhi, India

Died on Saturday 7 October 1944, cause unknown, whilst serving in M.L. 1120

  • Motor Engineer I D S JOSHUA 77213 aged 29. Husband of Edna Joshua, of Godavari, India
  • Ordinary Signalman R GOPAL KRISHAN 14176 aged 19

Died on Saturday 7 October 1944 in M.L. 1299 cause unknown

  • Stoker 1st Class DAVID KENNETH BURGESS LT/KX 154495. Son of Harold Greville Burgess and Elizabeth Bloy Burgess, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Buried in Madras War Cemetery, Chennai

Died on Friday 13 October 1944 in M.L. 1057 due to an explosion of demolition charges, at Kilindini, Kenya

  • Leading Seaman ROBERT WILLIAM JAMES WILSON P/JX 160843 aged 21. Son of Harold G. and Hannah C. Wilson, of Reading, Berkshire

Died on Saturday 28 October 1944 in M.L. 1239 cause unknown

  • Seaman DANIEL HAUGHTON LT/JX 281610 aged 35. Son of Daniel and Rose Haughton; husband of Alice Haughton, of Custom House, Essex. Buried in Florence War Cemetery

Died on Wednesday 8 November 1944 in M.L. 1077 after being attacked by a shark.

  • Leading Motor Mechanic KEITH THOMAS STRATTON MEADEN D/MX573544 aged 18. Son of Thomas William Hazel and Dorothy Isabel Meaden of Whitehouse, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. Buried in Freetown (King Tom) Cemetery, Sierra Leone 5. B. 1.

Died on Thursday 9 November 1944 in M.L.1326 cause unknown

  • Able Seaman KEITH LESTER WHITE S6907 aged 19. Son of Henry and Bessie Ann White, of Ashfield, New South Wales. Buried in Townsville

Died in an explosion on Tuesday 14 November 1944 in M.L. 1173

  • Stoker JAMES ROY HOCKING LT/KX 155231 aged 20. Son of William and Jessie Hocking, of Hull. Buried in Gravesend Military Cemetery

Died on Saturday 2 December 1944, cause unknown, whilst serving in M.L. 1401

  • Seaman JOHN ELDEN LT/JX 280696

Died between 01/01/1944 and 31/12/1944 in M.L. 1063 cause unknown

  • Able Seaman RAHMAT BIN SALEH MN.254

Killed in action on Thursday 4 January 1945 when M.L. 1163 was torpedoed by S 33 in the Adriatic in position 44.15n 14.49w

  • Sub-Lieutenant LOUIS HOLWAY RNVR aged 23. Son of Ernest and Rachel N. Holway, of Hornsey, Middlesex. Scholar of Stationers School. Buried in Belgrade War Cemetery Coll. grave 8. B. 7-10.
  • Sub-Lieutenant RUSSELL KENYON HOWDEN 562355V SANF aged 20. Son of Francis J. and Annie L. L. Howden, of Durban, Natal, South Africa
  • Engineman WILLIAM HENRY HAWKSFIELD LT/KX 131150 aged 33. Son of William and Jane Elizabeth Hawksfield, of Whitby Yorkshire; husband of Rose Hawksfield, of Whitby. Buried in Belgrade War Cemetery
  • Leading Seaman JOHN SAMUEL LE NOURY LT/JX 202293 aged 31. Son of John Hubert Vaudin Le Noury and Edith Maud Le Noury, of Vale, Guernsey, Channel Islands
  • Leading Seaman CHRISTOPHER MORDEY LT/JX 222943 aged 25. Son of Christopher and Ruth Alice Mordey; husband of L. M. Mordey, of Washington, Co. Durham
  • Ordinary Seaman ALFRED GEORGE BUNKER LT/JX 360121. Buried in Belgrade War Cemetery Coll. grave 8. B. 7-10
  • Seaman ALBERT HENRY COX LT/JX 281089 aged 22. Son of Alonzo Bernard Cox, and of Annie Louisa Cox, of Southwark, London
  • Ordinary Seaman ALEXANDER GORDON GARDYNE LT/JX 640852 aged 21. Son of Alexander and Isabella Gardyne, of Ballogie, Aberdeenshire
  • Seaman ALAN MICHAEL MAINS LT/JX 400070
  • Stoker MARTIN CLARENCE BAILEY LT/KX 153050. Son of Leonard and Elsie May Bailey, of French, Wellington, Shropshire
  • Cook DOUGLAS J LEWIS LT/MX109628

Died of drowning on Saturday 10 March 1945 in M.L.1394

  • Sub-Lieutenant WILLIAM ALEXANDER KERR RNVR aged 19. Son of William and Agnes B. Kerr, of Northallerton, Yorkshire

Died of drowning on Tuesday 20 March 1945 in ML 1336

  • Telegraphist ALAN LEATHLEY LT/JX54974. Buried in Diego Suarez, Madagascar
  • Seaman MAURICE GUYLEE WEBB LT/JX 253526 aged: 30. Son of Frank and Florence Webb; husband of Betty Webb, of London Colney, Hertfordshire. Buried in Diego Suarez, Madagascar

Died of an illness on Friday 25 May 1945 in M.L. 1469

  • Ordinary Seaman HUGH LYON C/JX 658220 aged 19. Son of Robert and Annie Lyon, of Carron, Falkirk. Buried in Larbert Cemetery, Stirlingshire

Died by drowning on Saturday 16 June 1945 in M.L.1396

  • Seaman JOHN MACDONALD LT/JX529704 aged 21. Son of Donald and Mary Macdonald, of Ness. Buried in Ness (Habost) Cemetery, Isle of Lewis

Died on Monday 20 August 1945, cause unknown, whilst serving in M.L. 1456

  • Seaman VICTOR JOHN ELDERS LT/JX 428536. Son of Ephraim Elders, and of Elizabeth Elders, of Cowley, Oxford

Died on Saturday 15 September 1945 in M.L. 1113 cause unknown

  • Topass MURUGESAN 28869 aged 31. Son of Subburoyan, of Vandamangalam, South Arcot, India

Killed on Thursday 4 October 1945 when M.L. 1226 was mined off Alexandropolis (Aegean)

  • Able Seaman HERBERT STANLEY CROWE C/JX 658048 aged 19. Son of Ernest Robert and Gertrude Ethel Crowe, of Briston, Norfolk
  • Seaman HENRY EDWARD CATON LT/JX 181775
  • Engineman JAMES DOIG LT/KX 154283 aged 19

Died on Thursday 15 November 1945 in .M.L. 1354 cause unknown

  • Lieutenant JOHN LISLE HONEY RANVR aged 28. Son of Lionel Richard and Roma Honey, of Bunbury, Western Australia
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