Medusa Restoration 2008

January 2008

Starboard bow is stripped for frame repairs and preparation for planking.

24V dynamo recovered from the wreckage…beyond recall?

March 2008

The same 24V dynamo rebuilt and tested.

April 2008

Inner diagonal planking on stbd side complete and horizontal inter-layer being fitted.

May 2008

Stbd stern, outer diagonal planking fitted and being nailed.

June 2008

The debris from the fire is cleared and a new machine shop built

September 2008

Outer layer of hull is now well on the way forward.

The Gardner 1L2 auxiliary engine rebuilt and being test run. Quite a contrast to what was dragged out of the ruins of the engine shop a year before.

October 2008

Port main engines is complete and test run.  again compare this with the engine lifted workshop post the fire.

Work starts on the top layer of the main deck.

Real red letter day, the last planking goes on the hull.

November 2008

Now the small task of fitting 10,000 copper nails to join the hull to the frames.  Each nail has a copper washer (rove) fitted and is then hammered over.

December 2008

Fitting the new “floors” between the engine beds.

Main deck nearly complete.

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