HDML 1015

Blackmore, Bideford, Devon 24/2/41

Wartime Activities

  • 3/41 In company with HMLs 1005, 1007 and 1051, on passage Hamble – Appledore – Holyhead – Clyde (Holy Loch) for transport to Middle East. Collided with a bouy leaving Appledore without serious damage.
  • 5/41 Vessel loaded in Norwegian vessel SS Belpareil for transport to Suez.
    SS Belpareil departed as part of Convoy OB-329
  • 1/6/41 Officers and crews of the boats embarked in SS Orbita, on the Clyde.
  • 5/6/41 Convoy dispersed and S.S. BelPareil steamed independently to Suez (via Freetown, Capetown, Mombasa, Aden, Massawa, and Port Sudan, as well as other ports.)
  • 27/7/41 SS Orbita arrived Durban, crew transferred to the Dutch ship Nieuw Amsterdam
  • 8/41 Vessel arrived, in transport, at Suez and unloaded.
  • 1/1/42 102nd ML Flotilla
    Based at Alexandria, Egypt
    ML 1012, ML 1015, ML 1017, ML 1023, ML 1038, ML 1039 and ML 1051
  • 10/43 Lost in a gale near Alexandria, Eastern Mediterranean
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