HDML 1083

Blackmore, Bideford, Devon 23/10/41

Known Crew

  • Lt E D Bennett 101st ML Flotilla Based at Alexandria, Egypt Commanding Officer HDML 1083 1941 –
  • John Frederick FordTLt John Frederick Ford (pictured) RNVR TSLt 12/2/42 HMS St Christopher for MLs 20/4/42 HMS Mosquito (Alexandria) for MTBs 8/42 TLt 12/2/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1083 6/4/43 Commanding Officer ML 385 7/10/43-6/44 Commanding Officer ML 360 4/6/44 HMS Mosquito (Alexandria) For services in the clearance of the Aegean and the relief of Greece 1945 DSC. Born 10/3/17 in Bromley, Greater London / Kent and died 9/90 in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Ramsey Wilson Commanding Officer HDML 1083 1944

Wartime Activities

  • 1/1/42
    ML 1004, ML 1005, ML 1007, ML 1032 delivered. ML 1046 and ML 1069 being freighted. ML 1079 and ML 1083 awaiting freighting.
    Detected a submarine off the royal palace near Alexandria, which subsequently escaped
  • 2/9/42 Destroyers HMS Croome and Hursley carried out a patrol for a suspected enemy submarine to seaward near Alexandria. HDML 1032 and HDML 1083 patrolled close inshore.
  • 3/11/43 Landed an SBS raiding party on Khalki Island west of Rhodes
  • 20/2/44 Lost after grounding on a rock, Gulf of Kos, Aegean
    The crew got off and acquired a caique in Budrum, where they had been taken by the Turkish coastguard, and sailed the caique back to base. Ramsey Wilson was given command of LS 9 in the Levant Schooner Flotilla.
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