HDML 1122

Sussex Shipbuilding Company, Shoreham, Sussex 29/5/42

London Gazette 1/1/46 – New Years Honours List 1946

  • DSM Sea William Charles Bruce Wilson LT/JX241305

London Gazette 1/1/47 – New Years Honours 1947

  • BEM LSea James Robert Plant LT/JX177107

Known Crew

  • TLt Peter D Newman RNVR TSLt HMS St Christopher for MLs 13/4/42 HMS Mosquito (Alexandria) for MTBs 8/42 Commanding Officer HDML 1122 15/4/42 TLt 1/8/43 Commanding Officer ML 349 27/12/43
  • TLt G D Bowen SANF(V) TLt 2/4/41 HMS Afrikander (Simonstown, South Africa) Commanding Officer HDML 1202 24/6/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1122 27/12/43 HMS Mosquito (Alexandria, Egypt)
  • TSLt G A Massingale RNVR TASLt ML 862 18/2/44 TSLt 8/4/44 Commanding Officer HDML 1122 7/6/45
  • LSea James Robert Plant LT/JX177107 HDML 1122 New Year Honours 1947 BEM
  • Sea William Charles Bruce Wilson LT/JX241305 HDML 1122 New Years Honours List 1946 DSM
  • Tel Douglas Barrow D/JX340355 (1942) HDML 1122
  • Tel John Parry Died Australia 1978.

Wartime Activities

  • Mediterranean

Memoir of Tel Douglas Barrow…

“Eventually I arrived in ALGERIA aboard a vessel called THE TALMA, quite an experience. We continued our journey by rail across to Alexandria, thence to Coastal Forces Base at RAZ EL TIN where I was supposed to join MGB 357which wasn’t there! So I crewed aboard H.D.M.L. 1122 which was short a Sparks. 1122 was a bug infested, tragic vessel. During my short stay we were fumigated, slipped for engine reconditioning etc sailed on compass and speed trials. Outside Alexandria harbour the Skipper requested test firing of our depth charges….permission granted….everything prepared….Order given…FIRE….engine room simultaneously went DEAD SLOW ! TALK ABOUT PANIC STATIONS! SKIPPER SCREAMED…”FULL AHEAD, DELAY FIRING ORDER!”…………..TOO LATE………..we were vainly trying to get up to 10 knots, but next came the BANGS…..up went 1122….everything breakable broke. We finished up being towed back to base where we were slipped again to have the engine replaced. Boy…..that’s only part of my 1122 experience. We did hear later on that (maybe 1944 that 1122 had sailed into RHODES (which was still enemy occupied), because they’d sort of lost their way!! Incidentally the C’xon, Bob Simpson and most of the crew were ex trawler men and really great Fellows to be with, but 1122 was a bad ship and I really was glad to be off her.”

Photos courtesy Max Parry, son of John (Jackie) Parry

Post War History

  • 1946 Sold
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