HDML 1127

Berthon Boat, Lymington 9/6/42

Known Crew

  • TLt L S Smith RNVR TLt 16/7/42 HMS St Christopher for MLs 23/9/42 Commanding Officer HDML 1127 13/6/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1235 2/3/44

Wartime Activities

  • Mediterranean
  • 11/42 Operation Torch – Invasion of Algeria
  • 6/11/42 ML 280, ML 463, ML 469, ML 471, ML 480 and ML 483 and HDML 1127, HDML 1128, HDML 1139 and HDML 1142 sail from Gibraltar, after dark, for Operation Torch
  • 8/9/43 Operation Ferdy Landing at Vibo Valentia, Italy. Group One consisting of ML 1127 with nine LCI(L)s. At 0800, with Rear Admiral Rhoderick R McGrigor, Flag Officer Sicily and supervising the landing, embarked, MTB 77 was around three miles west of the small harbour when an air attack developed. A near miss from a bomb dropped by a FW 190 exploded two feet from the starboard quarter and ripped out the bottom of the boat. Rear Admiral Rhoderick R McGrigor was blown off the bridge and landed on the deck, injuring a leg. MTB 77 sank off Vibo Valentia, Italy and survivors were recovered by HDML 1128, which hoisted the admiral’s flag. ML 1128 took over as the flagship of Rear Admiral Rhoderick R McGrigor, who continued to direct operations despite a leg injury. ML 1128 lead an LST, carrying artillery, into the beach under heavy fire. Landing the artillery proved to be the turning point of the action. ML 1128 was hit forty times during the action.
  • 16/11/43 Free French – VP 9
  • Transferred in Algeria

Post War History

  • French Navy VP9
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