HDML 1157

Bute Slip, Clyde, Scotland 30/12/42

Known Crew

  • TLt Basil Francis James Knight RNVR TLt 19/2/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1157 Commanding Officer HDML 1297 7/8/43 Operation Avalanche – Salerno Landings HMS Gregale (Malta) 5/4/45 Born 31/1/14 and died 5/1996 in Sutton district, Surrey
  • TLt Derric Armstrong Breen RNVR HMS Royal Arthur 5/40 HMS Egret (Sloop) HMS King Alfred TSLt 21/8/42 HMS St Christopher 30/11/42 First Lieutenant HDML 1157 HMS Aggressive (Newhaven) 61st RML Flotilla First Lieutenant RML 516 21/3/43 Coastal Forces Commanding Officer’s course at Ardrishaig Commanding Officer HDML 1388 19/11/43 – 24/12/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1391 1/44 – 4/44 First Lieutenant HMS Pict 3/4/44 – 7/45 TLt 7/12/44 Born 12/19 in Gateshead. Died 23/3/2004 Washington, Durham Published: Young Men at War (Online)

“The New Year brought my new CO, Sub-Lieutenant Basil Knight, avuncular in appearance, clear of skin, rather short, the epitome of the pre-war city business gent, a man to be remembered. . . We began the never-ending task of working up, slowly at first, meeting and dealing with the endless problems endemic in getting a small ship ready for war. In such a small ship, multi-role training was essential. Gunners must be able to start and run the engines and motor-mechanics at a pinch must be able to man a gun and fight it out. The telegraphist, like the rest, must be able to man a gun and steer a course. The Cox’n at least must be able to use a chart and lay off a course for home. There was no guarantee that Basil or I might always be in a state to do this”.

Wartime Activities

  • Delivered to Newport for shipment to Algiers
  • 4/43 Lost in transport aboard SS City of Melbourne when the ship sunk by FW200 aircraft in Bay of Biscay en route to Algiers
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