HDML 1173

Dodge, Newport News, USA 7/1/43

Known Crew

  • TLt W M Morten RNZNVR TSLt HMS St Christopher for MLs 23/2/42 19th MTB Flotilla Based at HMS Benbow, Trinidad MTB 337 1/4/42 19th MTB Flotilla Based at HMS Benbow, Trinidad MTB 340 10/42 TLt 18/12/42 Commanding Officer HDML 1173 and Senior Officer of 118th ML Flotilla 3/10/43 HMNZS Cook (depot & training establishment, Wellington, NZ) 1944
  • TLt HA Bartle RNVR TSLt 26/6/42 HMS Saker (USA) TLt 26/6/43 ML 423 HMS Morgan, ML Base Port Royal 118th ML Flotilla Commanding Officer HDML 1173 12/5/44 29th ML Flotilla Commanding Officer ML 479 13/12/44
  • TSLt W L T Ibister Commanding Officer HDML 1173 17/12/44
    Sto James Roy Hocking LT/KX 155231. Died in an explosion, 14/11/1944, aged 20. Son of William and Jessie Hocking, of Hull. Buried in Gravesend Military Cemetery Barbados

Wartime Activities

  • Caribbean
  • 118th ML Flotilla
  • ML 1173

Post War History

  • 3/47 Returned to United States Navy at Bombay

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