HDML 1187

Everett, Washington, USA 5/43

Known Crew

  • TLt F G Gresham RNZNVR TLt 1/9/42 124th ML Flotilla Commanding Officer HDML 1187 15/5/43
  • TLt W R G Reid RNZNVR TSLt 1/4/41 TLt 1/7/43 81st ML Flotilla ML 409 22/7/43 124th ML Flotilla HDML 1187 1/3/44 Prins Albert
  • TSLt E S Green RNZNVR TSLt 14/1/43 124th ML Flotilla First Lieutenant HDML 1187 13/5/43
  • TSLt M G Spencer RNZNVR TASLt 22/10/43 TSLt 22/4/44 124th ML Flotilla HDML 1187 22/6/44 HMNZS Philomel (RNZN depot, Auckland)

Wartime Activities

  • Royal New Zealand Navy
  • 124th ML Flotilla
  • Based in Auckland
  • 13/5/43 Commissioned
  • 11/43 Transferred to the 125th ML Flotilla in Wellington
  • 3/45 Planned move to Manus Island is cancelled
  • 3/45 Transfer to Manus Island is cancelled
  • 7/45 Arrived in Auckland
  • 7/45 Based at HMS Philomel

Post War History

  • 9/45 Paid off for disposal
  • 12/46 Taken over by a charity trust, partly overhauled but handed back two months later, was then taken up by NZ Coastguard on hire purchase charter for emergency work in Hauraki Gulf
  • 1948 SDML
  • 5/50 Reverted to Navy to be second survey ML to assist HMNZS Lachlan.
  • 21/3/51 Commissioned as P3566 and sailed for Wellington to assist P3556 in surveying Cook Strait. In accordance with custom, was painted white. Remained white until retired from surveying in 1979
  • 1955 Briefly named Maori
  • 10/55 Commissioned as HMNZS Takapu.
  • 6/79 Tarapunga paid off from surveying and renamed HMNZS Mako (ii).
    Painted black and, with radar fitted, was assigned to RNZNVR Division in Wellington until August 1983. Then withdrawn and dismantled for disposal
  • 1984 Sold and renamed Tarapunga for private use in Auckland

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