HDML 1283

Thornycroft, Hampton 25/3/43

London Gazette 14/8/45 – For services in the clearance of the Aegean and the relief of Greece

  • DSC Lt Frank Norris Coulter SANF(V)

Known Crew

  • TLt L M Taylor RNVR TSLt HMS St Christopher for MLs 3/9/42 TLt 9/4/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1283 9/6/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1028 17/1/44 Commanding Officer HDML 1146 5/12/44 HMS Mosquito Commanding Officer ML 175 11/5/45
  • Lt Frank Norris Coulter SANF(V) SLt 23/10/41 Lt 23/10/43 HDML 1028 Commanding Officer HDML 1283 13/1/44 For services in the clearance of the Aegean and the relief of Greece DSC HMS Mosquito (Alexandria)
  • TLt J P Cooke RNVR HMS Beaver II 24th ML Flotilla 26/10/42 ML 478 4/1/43 TSLt 24/1/43 TLt 24/1/45 Commanding Officer HDML 1283 15/5/45
  • TSLt R G H Jenkins RNVR First Lieutenant HDML 1283 13/1/44 TASLt 9/12/44
  • TSLt P K Gadbury RNVR TSLt 6/11/42 HDML 1283 15/3/43 ML 299 20/11/43 ML 456 15/5/45
  • AB Leslie Sudbury HDML 1283

Wartime Activities

  • Services in clearance of the Aegean and the relief of Greece
  • Bound for Kiervasili, HDML 1283 took shelter from bad weather for 36 hours in a cove near Marmarice Harbour, around 80 miles from Casteloriso. The following morning they reached Sertchi harbour and remained for the day, observing occupied Rhodes. They set sail around Cape Alupo and down the Gulf of Doris to Kiervasili.
  • Approaching in the dark, they overshot the entrance and run aground on a sandy beach. They went astern and most of the crew went overboard to push. Two Turkish soldiers appeared and attempts were made to convince them that HDML 1283 was friendly.
  • HDML 1283 broke free and went astern 100 yards, leaving 6 or 7 ratings on the beach. One rating shouted, “Will you come back and pick us up soon, please, sir? These Turks probably think we are Mr Bernard Shaw’s bloody commandos come to invade them!” HDML 1283 returned, picked them up and entered Kiervasili.

Post War History

  • 1946 War Department
  • 1948 Sold = Amanda Mary
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