HDML 1325

E A Jack, Launceston, Tasmania 4/11/43

HDML 1325

Known Crew

  • Lt Jonathan Stephens First Commanding Officer HDML 1325
  • Lt Paul Burns RANVR SLt 25/10/38 Lt Commanding Officer joined at Sydney as a survey specialist 8/12/43
  • Lt M B Reid RANVR Lt 9/10/42 HDML 1321 Commanding Officer HDML 1325 3/45
  • Lt R B Nancarrow First Lieutenant HDML 1325 3/45
  • SLt Victor E Clarke RANR First Lieutenant HDML 1325 9/43 Lt 4/11/43
  • PO Johnson (Coxswain) HDML 1325
  • PO Norm Hastings (ERA) HDML 1325
  • Sto Parker HDML 1325
  • Tel Joe O’Byrne HDML 1325
    Milne HDML 1325
    Peterson HDML 1325
    Bill HDML 1325
    Wilson HDML 1325

Wartime Activities

  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Tasmania to Sydney with leaking scuttles resulting in flooding
  • Echo sounders replaced the ASDIC equipment
  • On passage northward and south of Solitary Island, bracket holding the port fuel line broke off and that engine had to be stopped. In Coffs Harbour, a garage mechanic made a replacement so that the boat could make Brisbane where the bracket was replaced.
  • 24/12/43 Departed Brisbane for Milne Bay
  • Surveys near Buna, Lae and Langemak Bay
  • Working around Seeadler Harbour where they rescued an American officer who had been swept out to sea whilst swimming.
  • Struck an underwater coral pinnacle, damaging the starboard propeller and shaft and ripping off the rudder. A jury rudder and tiller were fitted allowing the boat to reach Milne Bay for repairs.

Post War History

  • SDB 1325
  • 1951 SDML 1325 (In reserve at Sydney, New South Wales)
  • 1956 Tender to HMAS Melville in Darwin
  • 9/56 Transferred to HMAS Leeuwin in Fremantle as a naval reserve training vessel
  • 7/4/59 Stolen and taken to sea by an individual who was captured when the boat ran out of fuel and was towed in by the minesweeper HMAS Freemantle
  • 1972 Appears in Janes Fighting Ships
  • 1992 Sank at her mooring and was broken up

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