HDML 1377

Blackmore, Bideford, Devon 4/9/43

Known Crew

  • Lt (Puggy) Pughes RNVR Commanding Officer HDML 1377
  • TSLt P P Hubbard RNVR TSLt 26/6/42 HMS Forte IV (Falmouth) for MLs 5/10/42 Commanding Officer HDML 1377 8/43 HMS Kenya (Cruiser) 1944 TLt 1/3/45
  • TLt D T Plews RNVR TSLt 3/7/42 Commanding Officer HDML 1260 20/6/43 136th ML Flotilla but normally operated alone Commanding Officer HDML 1377 11/44 TLt 3/1/45
  • TASLt C A Johnson RNVR TASLt 26/7/43 First Lieutenant HDML 1377 8/43 TSLt 26/1/44 Commanding Officer HDML 1206 3/45
  • Mid T J Gerald RNVR Mid 14/7/44 HMS Braganza HDML 1377 6/1/45 TASLt 29/3/45

Wartime Activities

  • 136th ML Flotilla but normally operated alone
  • 1/45 Towed an MFV from Vizagapatam to Akyab
  • 1-4/45 Three months operating between Akyab and Ramree including:
    Reconnaisance trips up rivers behind Myebon and Kyaukpyu
    Beach control in support of landing craft
    Recovery of downed aircrew from the coast of Burma;.tribesmen being paid silver dollars for each airman delivered safely.
    Dropping and recovering V Force agents
  • 4/45 To Vizagapatam via Calcutta for refit. Repairs not completed by the end of hostilities due to lack of spares.
  • Paid off in Trincomalee at the end of the war

Post War History

  • 1/7/46 To France = VP71
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