HDML 1389

Sittingbourne Shipbuilding Company, Kent 12/2/44

Imperial War Museum (Seen leaving Harwich)

Known Crew

  • TLt A T McClaren RNVR TSLt 69th ML Flotilla Based at Immingham ML 550 30/11/42 TLt 28/8/43 149th ML Flotilla Commanding Officer HDML 1389 3/44 Operation Neptune – Invasion of Normandy
  • TSLt J L Chapman RNVR 149th ML Flotilla First Lieutenant HDML 1389 3/44 TSLt 1/4/44 Operation Neptune – Invasion of Normandy

Wartime Activities

  • 6/44 Operation Neptune – Invasion of Normandy
    149th ML Flotilla
    ML1295, ML1309, ML1383, ML1387, ML1389, ML1391, ML1392, ML1393, ML1407, ML1409, ML1421. ML1422
  • 5-6/6/44 Marking a turning point for the American airborne divisions on the eve of D Day

Post War History

  • Fast Despatch Boat = FDB58
  • To Iran 1/49 and listed until 1951
  • 1/50 Reported as Constructive Total Loss by Grounding near Fort William and sold
  • 1972 Listed in Janes Fighting Ships in Iranian Navy as Tahmadou but out of service
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