HDML 1421

Moody, Swanwick Shore, Southampton 23/12/43

Known Crew

  • TLt A L Hargraves RANVR TLt 3/1/43 Commanding Officer & Senior Officer 149th ML Flotilla 27/3/44 Operation Neptune – Invasion of Normandy
  • TLt J Holdron RNVR TLt 7/5/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1244 28/7/43 149th ML Flotilla Commanding Officer HDML 1421 15/7/44
  • Robert Kerr “Rikki” FultonTSLt Robert Kerr “Rikki” Fulton (pictured) RNVR HMS Ibis (sloop) [sunk by German aircraft off Algeria] 10/11/42 Officer sea training, HMS Hambledon (destroyer) TMid 8/43 HMS King Alfred TASLt 15/10/43 First Lieutenant HDML 1421 17/12/43 TSLt 15/4/44 servws thoughout D-Day and acted as rescue boat for ships in trouble from air or E-boat attack near Arromanches. (Invalided out suffering from battle fatigue after blacking out and ramming the flotilla boss’ craft in Le Havre in late ’44) Comedian & actor. Published: Is it that time already? (1999; autobiography). Born 15/4/24 in Glasgow and died 27/1/2004 in Glasgow
  • TSLt D L Gambel RNVR First Lieutenant HDML 1399 15/5/44 TASLt 29/10/44 HDML 1421 19/1/45 TSLt 29/4/45

Wartime Activities

  • 6/44 Operation Neptune – Invasion of Normandy
    149th ML Flotilla
    ML1295, ML1309, ML1383, ML1387, ML1389, ML1391, ML1392, ML1393, ML1407, ML1409, ML1421. ML1422
  • 5-6/6/44 Channel Marker at Utah Beach on D Day
    Based upon M1387’s Operational Orders for D Day
    HDML 1421 and HDML 1422 are identified as the Channel Identification Group. They are to proceed from (Possibly Torbay) independently in time to reach Approach Channels 1 and 2 by H Hour – 13. The approaches are marked by FH 830 acoustic beacons previously laid by ML 147, ML 151 and ML 198 Operation Enthrone
    HDML 1421 and HDML 1422 are to transmit 1 or 2 as appropriate at 30 second intervals on a shielded blue signal lamp through the night. By day they are to fly a large international code numeral flag. HDML 1421 and HDML 1422 are to remain on station until 2300 on D Day.
    Returned to Portsmouth for convoy escort duties.

Post War History

  • Fast Despatch Boat = FDB77
  • 1947 Sold
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