HDML 1063

Thornycroft, Singapore 1/42?

Known Crew

  • AB Rahmat Bin Saleh MN.254. Died, between 01/01/1944 and 31/12/1944, cause unknown
  • Sig Bin Midi Ibrahim MN 928 (RN Malay Section), HDML 1063. Died 3/3/43

Wartime Activities

  • 12/41 HDMLs 1062 and 1063 assigned to special operations on the west coast of Malaya
  • 23/12/41 HDML 1062, towing two motor boats and the depot ship Kudat, depart Singapore for Port Swettenham
    25/12/41 HDML 1063 with 25 Australian troops embarked and towing two motor boats, departs Port Swettenham for Sungei Burnan.
  • 26/12/41 At last light, HDMLs 1062 and 1063 departed to land embarked troops between Taiping and the Perak River. HDML 1063 transferred troops to a motor boat and retired. HDML 1062 transferred troops to a motor boat but the engine would not start. HDML 1062 recovered the troops and sank the motor boat before returning to Port Swettenham.
  • 27/12/41 In the early morning, Port Swettenham suffered an air raid by British aircraft identified as Bristol Blenheims. One aircraft was shot down amongst the mangrove swamps to the west. HDMLs 1062 and 1063 conducted an unsuccessful search for survivors.
  • 1/2/42 HDMLs 1062 and 1063, towing naval whalers, evacuated troops from the Malayan mainland to Singapore. Coverage was provided by the gunboats HMS Dragonfly, HMS Scorpion and HMS Grasshopper.
  • 1/3/42 Sunk by Japanese surface craft gunfire at Tanjong Priok
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