HDML 1328

A McFarlane & Son, Birkenhead, Adelaide, Australia 16/1/45


Known Crew

  • Wartime
  • SLt Lealand N Ponton RANR Commanding Officer HDML 1328 1/45 (RAN 7/46 as a Lieutenant)
  • SLt Murray H Fowler RANR TASLt 8/12/43 ML 426 7/44 129th Flotilla Based on Darwin First Lieutenant HDML 1328 16/1/45 (RAN 7/46 as a Lieutenant) Became Commanding Officer late 1946.
  • SLt John Paradice First Lieutenant HDML 1328 1946
  • MtrMch Doug Carr
  • AB Mason HDML 1328

Hong Kong Flotilla

  • Ian Atkinson (Commanding Officer)
  • Sea Gordon Andrews P/SSX883814
  • Sea Norman Hancock C/SSX 837540
  • Sea Michael Kutch C/SSX 961590
  • Sea John Metherell P/SSX 856937
  • Sea Ron Renshaw P/SSX 864821 Also served in ML 1329
  • Sea Stuart Robertson P/JX905047 Also served in ML 3513
  • Sea Keith Russell C/SSX 661787
  • Sea Douglas Smith D/JX900869
  • Tel Geoff Moore P/SSX 838818
  • Tel Brian Smart P/SSX. 801288

Wartime Activities

  • Royal Australian Navy
  • 129th Flotilla
  • Based on Darwin

Post War History

  • After VJ Day, converted to a minesweeper with forward gun and depth charges removed, winch fitted aft and sweeping equipment fitted on deck.
  • 3/46 Part of 20th Minesweeping Flotilla working in Rabaul clearing Simpson Harbour
    Cleared three mines in Greet Harbour
    Swept to Kawieng, New Ireland
    Easter in Rabaul
    Sweeping Makada Harbour, Duke of York Islands clearing seven mines, one of which brushed down the starboard side without exploding.
  • 7/46 West coast of Bouganville – Empress Augusta Bay
    Stoker suffering from Cerebral Malaria was transferred. The replacement had abscesses on both legs and a doctor in Sohana operated on him, assisted by the commanding officer.
  • 11/46 Returned to Australia
    Minesweeping around the Great Barrier Reef until 1948. Struck a reef damaging shaft propeller and gearbox and was retired from service
  • 1950 Loaned to the Royal Navy
    Hong Kong Flotilla = SDML 1328
  • 1958 Philippines Navy
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