HDML 1336

Nichol, Durban, South Africa 30/9/44

Known Crew

  • Lt Jones RNVR HDML 1336
  • TLt J J Gibson RNR TLt 16/4/42 Commanding Officer HDML 1336 12/12/44
  • TSLt C P A Garnett RNVR 149th ML Flotilla HDML 1422 10/4/44 Operation Neptune – Invasion of Normandy TSLt 22/11/44 HDML 1336 11/44
  • PO Ruben Burgin (Coxswain) HDML 1336
  • Sea Maurice Guylee Webb LT/JX 253526 HDML 1336. Died of drowning 20/03/1945, aged 30. Son of Frank and Florence Webb; husband of Betty Webb, of London Colney, Hertfordshire
  • Tel Alan Leathley LT/JX549741. Died of drowning 20/03/1945 in ML 1336 and was buried in Diego Suarez, Madagascar 2.D.5

The photograph of Maurice Guylee Webb and the newspaper clipping “Bridlington Seaman Reported Missing” above are contributed courtesy of the “Neil w Young Collection of Family Photographs & Related Items”, Neil w Young, Paris, Ontario, Canada

Wartime Activities

  • 9/9/45 Operation Zipper – Invasion of Malaya at Morib Beachhead.
  • Singapore for re-occupation of Palembang. Patrols and liaison with occupying forces

Post War History

  • 7/47 To Malaya
  • 1949 Sri Selangor
  • 1961 Deactivated


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