HDML 1342

Known Crew

  • Lt Keith L Englert RANR Commanding Officer HDML 1342 13/11/44
  • Lt J M F McLoughlin RANR 127th Flotilla Based in New Guinea HDML 1342 3/45
  • Lt J S L Stevens RANVR Lt 24/12/40 HDML 1125 9/43 Commanding Officer HDML 1323 8/12/43 HDML 1342 13/10/44
  • SLt C R Lockhart RANR SLt 15/9/43 127th Flotilla Based in New Guinea HDML 1342 24/7/44 127th Flotilla Based in New Guinea HDML 1346 19/2/45
  • SLt Osmond M May RANVR SLt 5/6/42 ML 425 22/12/42
  • ML 428 18/3/43 127th Flotilla Based in New Guinea HDML 1342 6/44 HMAS Rushcutter

Wartime Activities

  • Royal Australian Navy
  • 127th Flotilla
  • Based in New Guinea
  • Escorted three landing craft to the Sepik river where one craft struck a mine, became disabled and drifted in the strong current. ML 1342 and the other two craft towed the disabled craft.

From a monthly report by Lt Keith L Englert…

“While the conduct and discipline have been good, the officers and ship’s company have all regarded with disfavour that Coastal Craft pay, for this type of ship, has been discontinued with the introduction of ‘Climate Pay’. Most of the personnel of this ship have served in the tropics in ‘B’ Type MLs for long periods and the conditions for work in HDML ships cannot compare with those in the ‘B’ Type ML, yet personnel in those ships are still being paid Coastal Forces pay.

Due to the intense heat in the galley of this ship, it is impossible to cook for more than six hours in the day. It is also impossible for the six hands to sleep in the messdeck at night due to the intense heat and poor ventilation system. The entire personnel of the ship sleep on the upper deck at night time. It is also impossible to wash dirty clothes except in cold water and bathing facilities are inadequate for normal requirements.

On passage at sea, there is no comparison, as regards comfort with any other type of ship in the RAN. For this reason it is my personal preference when appointed to this ship on 13 November 1944, to decline from accepting the appointment and remain serving as Executive Officer in ‘B’ Type MLs but my request was refused by Commanding Officer HMAS Rushcutter.

Due to this and many other reasons, it is difficult for officers of the ship to convince themselves, and ratings of the ship, that they are not entitled to Coastal Craft pay, equivalent of Hard Lying money.”

[The allowance was reinstated in 1946]

Post War History

  • 1949 Sold
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