HDML 1348

Ackerman, Azusa, California, USA 3/44

Known Crew

  • TLt N M Smith RNZNVR HMS Cormorant (Gibraltar) for MLs 10/12/41 TLt 1/6/43 HMS Philomel (RNZN depot, Auckland) HDML 1348 4/3/44
  • TSLt H V Peake RNZNVR TASLt 22/4/44 HDML 1348 22/5/44

Wartime Activities

  • 14/3/44 Commissioned
  • 1/45 Transferred to Fiji and carried out patrol and escort duties from Suva
  • 18/11/45 Returned to Auckland for paying off, disarming and mooring for disposal.

Post War Fate

  • 6/47 Withdrawn from sale and assigned to the Christchurch Division of the RNZNVR
  • 1950 P 3563
  • 1956 Pegasus
  • 8/11/67 Commissioned as HMNZS Kuparu and reassigned to the Christchurch Division
  • 1969 Reassigned to Auckland and grounded heavily on the reef at Motuihe Island. She was temporarily patched and towed to Auckland by HMNZS Mako. The bow section was rebuilt and she returned to service in 1970
  • 1972 Kuparu was reassigned to the Fishery Protection Squadron
  • 6/75 Returned to duties at Dunedin
  • 1976-83 Christchurch


At the end of the pier in Lyttelton 1977

  • 1984 Six months at Wellington and then at the Auckland Division for a short time. During this time she collided heavily with Admiralty Steps at Auckland and once again had the bow replaced
  • 1985 Overhauled and attached to HMNZS Tamaki for training duties until retired from service on 01/02/1989, the last of the class. She was initially mothballed for museum use but this did not progress.
  • 2002 Sold to a private buyer in the Kaipara Harbour, Helensville
  • 2020 Owned by Scott Perry, Helensville.


HMNZS Kuparu

HMNZS Kuparu – Photograph courtesy of Tony Skilton

Manga, Koura and Kuparu, Tennyson Inlet January 1971

Manga, Koura and Kuparu, Tennyson Inlet January 1971
Photograph courtesy Tony Skilton

Kuparu close to launching December 2017
Photograph courtesy Tony Skilton

Kupara at Waiheke May 2018
Photograph courtesy Tony Skilton

Officers of RNZN on board Kuparu May 2018
Photographs courtesy Tony Skilton

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